Terms of Use


1. Scope of the Agreement 


This Agreement regulates the relationship between the Administration of GET-N-POST.COM (RU) Service (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) and Users registered on get-n-post.ru (and/or other Company websites) as delivering newsletters or using services of  GET-N-POST.COM (RU) website (hereinafter the “Users”). This Agreement does not constitute a public offer or an invitation to conclude a public offer. 


2. Entry into force 

    1. The Agreement shall enter into force when the User expresses his consent with the terms and conditions by registering on GET-N-POST.COM (RU) website with the application for registration and confirmation of consent after following the link sent to the e-mail address indicated by the User at the moment of the registration. 

    2. The Service reserves the right to refuse the registration or provision of services to the User at any given moment after the registration without stating the reason of refusal.


3. The terms of Service provision 

  1. 1. The Service is provided on commercial terms depending on the chosen tariff plan or set of services. 
  2. 2. The Administration of the Service is not responsible for the content of promotional and informational materials of the User sent via the Service. The Users agree that in case of any complaints received from third parties related to the content of promotional and informational materials of the User (hereinafter the “newsletters”) including third-party advertising placed by the Users in their newsletters in accordance with this Agreement, they have to settle this complaints by themselves at their own expense without engaging the Administration of the Service. 
  3. 3. The Users of the Service shall bear all the adverse financial effects associated with the content of their newsletters including the third-party advertising placed by the Users in their newsletters in accordance with these Terms including compensating for material and moral damages to third parties as well as public sanctions etc. 
  4. 4. The Users express their own opinion on issues covered in their Newsletters. The opinion of the Users has absolutely no association with the one of the Administration of the service. 
  5. 5. The User agrees to voluntarily provide the Service with the requested information that was valid at the moment of registration and make timely corrections. The User is obliged to maintain the confidentiality of the password for managing the self-service account in any action related to the use of the Service and not disclose it to third parties. The Service cannot be used for activities violating the Law of the Russian Federation. 
  6. 6. The User has the right to pass to the Service the list of subscribers that received Newsletters before using the Service. In this case, each subscriber must explicitly express their consent to receive the Newsletter. 
  7. 7. The following information is prohibited in the Newsletter: 
    •     1. illegal information including information violating honor and dignity, civil rights and lawful interests, false and defamatory information, materials provoking national hatred, calling for violence against any individual or groups of individuals, containing instructions on how to commit illegal activities including the explanation of the production and/or usage of explosives, weapons and drugs;
    •     2. vulgar slang, obscene or abusive language addressed to any individual;
    •     3. information violating copyrights and other intellectual property rights of third parties;
    •     4. materials and images of pornographic nature. 
    •     5. links to websites with content that contradicts the effective legislation of the Russian Federation. 

8. It is prohibited to advertise financial pyramids and their schemes, methods of enrichment, mail sponsors, etc.


9.  In case of violation by the User of the Terms of the service provision, a correctional measure shall be applied to him in the form of a warning or suspension of access to the self-service account. 


10. The Administration of the Service is entitled to refuse the provision of the Service to the User at any given moment without stating the reason. 


11. The Service is entitled to apply the procedure of preliminary scrutiny of the messages in the Newsletters of the User. Corrections in the messages of the Newsletters shall not be made. 


4. Disclosure of personal information

The Service does not transmit personal identification information of the Users, the lists of Newsletters they are subscribed to and other known information about the User and their Newsletters to third parties without their consent except for the following cases: 

such transmission is implied by the terms of use of some services
such disclosure is based on the necessity to

(1) fulfil the requirements of law or of a court ruling;

(2) protect the rights and lawful interests of the Service 

(3) protect the rights and lawful interests of third parties 


5. Property rights, copyrights and other intellectual property rights

  • 1. Materials distributed via the Service and contained in the Newsletters including texts, graphics, audio and video files, photographs and any other materials, provided by the advertisers are protected by copyrights. The subscriber of a newsletter can receive one copy of such materials for personal use only. Other use of the materials is prohibited without a written consent of the right owners. 
  • 2. Distributing materials with the help of the Service the User entitles the Service to use the content of the Newsletters by gratuitous distribution, modification, adaptations and publishing materials for promotional, archive and any other purposes. 


6. Termination of the Agreement 

The Agreement is considered as terminated after the moment of deleting the self-service account of the User in the following cases: 

  • 1. Termination of the Agreement on the part of the User (in case the User explicitly expresses such intension)
  • 2. User violation of requirements set by the effective legislation of the Russian Federation and the terms of this Agreement
  • 3. Termination of the Agreement according to the terms and conditions of this Agreement.


7. Refusal to provide warranty coverage 

  • 1. The service is provided in the format “as present” and “as available”. The User agrees that the use of the Service is possible only at their own risk. The Service does not guarantee and is not responsible for not fully meeting your needs and expectations or not providing smooth and error-free services.
  • 2. The Service does nott as well guarantee the final result of using the Service unless expressly specified in a separate Agreement. 


8. Limitation of responsibility 

  • 1. The User understands and acknowledges that the Service is not responsible for any direct or indirect losses, lost profit or any damage caused by the use or malfunctioning of the Service.  The service is not responsible also for an uncoordinated use of User information for authorization and direct and indirect damages that can be caused by these actions. 
  • 2. The User understands and acknowledges that the Service is not responsible for any delivery problems and losses of e-mails outside the Service. The Service is also not responsible for the frequency and quantity of e-mails in the Newsletter. The User recognizes and acknowledges that the Service is not related to the content of the materials distributed via the Service. 


9. Changes and additions to the Agreement 

  • 1. Changes and additions to the Agreement become effective in 10 calendar days after their publication on the website of the Service or later in case a later effective date is specified. 
  • 2. All changes and additions to this Agreement are posted at /page/user_agreement/ with time and date of publication and the moment when they become effective. 
  • 3. The User has the right to refuse the changes and additions to this Agreement made by the Administration of the Service. This shall amount to the refusal of using the Services by the User and termination of this Agreement. 


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